3 reasons why you shouldn’t be nervous or embarrassed about going to the dentist (even if you haven’t had your teeth checked in years)

1. Dr. Harris and her amazing (and nonjudgmental) staff are in the business of helping everyone improve their dental health.

We all take pride in being known as the office that treats our patients like family and friends.  Everyone at Harris Family Dental believes in educating our patients on available dental treatments so they can make an informed treatment choice. Patients need to know about their options, benefits and risks of treatment. Don’t be afraid to ask us anything – you’re not alone, everyone has questions. As an office, we believe in advocating for our patients and taking the time to answer these questions.

2. Dental health is an important part of your overall health.

The sticky plaque that builds up in all of our mouths between routine professional cleanings can lead to gingival inflammation. This invasion of your gingival tissue can further lead to a higher risk of diabetes and heart disease. We all want to lead healthier lives and having routine professional dental cleanings is one of the places to start.

3. Most of us have general anxiety of visiting the dentist (yes this includes Dr. Harris).

The thought of getting cavities filled or root canals done can be scary, which is why routine cleanings are very important. Harris Family Dental believes in practicing preventative dentistry! Dr. Harris understands that if you’ve had a poor experience at the dentist you may be hesitant to make an appointment. If children have a poor experience when they are young they, it may lead to a life of dental anxiety. Know that you are not alone. Dr. Harris and her knowledgeable team of dental professionals will work with you to help you have the dental experience possible.

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