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Why Choose our Benefits Plan?

We want you and your loved ones to have the best dental health possible. That’s why Dr. Harris created this Benefits Plan. It helps ensure that our patients have access to the oral health and cost-savings benefits that a dental health plan offers.

Is it right for you?

Do you skip regular dental checkups to save money because you don’t have dental insurance? With our Benefits Plan, you can get regular dental cleanings and checkups at a cost-savings. Better yet, Dr. Harris has found that with regular care, patients often can avoid costly dental problems down the road.

Would you like to pay less for your dental services? Our Benefits Plan offers provider discounts on dental services, so that means more savings in your pocket over the long haul. Plus, it offers you the right dental coverage, so it’s there when you need it.

Have you waited until you had a toothache or other issues before joining a dental plan? The longer you wait for treatment, the worse your problem can progress and the more costly the treatment can become. Often times dental insurance companies use waiting periods and deductibles which can prevent you from getting the treatment you need on time.

Want more information?

Our Benefits Plan was created by Dr. Harris to be simple, straightforward and allow you to get the dental care that you need, when you need it! Ask us at your next visit or call us at 414.771.1228 today!

The Benefits Plan Details

Yearly Benefits Include

  • Adults: 2 cleanings, 2 doctor exams, x-rays, 1 floride treatment, and one emergency exam
  • Youth: 2 cleanings, 2 doctor exams, x-rays, 2 fluoride treatments, and one emergency exam
  • Periodontal Maintenance: 2 periodontal cleanings, 2 doctor exams, x-rays, and one emergency exam
  • Periodontal Active Treatment: 4 periodontal cleanings, 2 doctor exams, x-rays, and one emergency exam
  • 15% off all dental services including crowns, fillings, and bridges

Extra Perks

  • No more insurance preauthorization waiting periods- get the dental treatment that you need right away
  • No more dental insurance maximums to worry about
  • No more deductibles to pay for
  • No more insurance estimates without any guarantees
  • Quarterly added benefits for members only: discounted toothbrushes, toothpaste and whitening products, etc
  • The longer you’re with our membership program, the more savings you’ll see compared to dental insurance
  • No frequency limitations

Benefits Plan Guidelines

  • This plan cannot be used with any other insurance, dental insurance, or dental plan
  • No refunds or premiums will be issued at any time if participant decides not to utilize their full membership benefits
  • Payment is due on the day of service for any treatment under this plan
  • The rates listed are for one year
  • You will have the opportunity to renew your plan each year to maintain your benefit status
  • This plan does not cover orthodontic treatment or clear correct
  • If you’re an employer, please ask about our employer benefit program


This is a benefits plan and not a dental insurance plan and can NOT be used for injury covered by worker’s compensation. This benefits plan is only accepted at Harris Family Dental.