The Restoring Potential Of Our Lifelike Crowns

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When a tooth becomes cracked or chipped, or even if you have cosmetic concerns with a tooth, we can help with an all-porcelain dental restoration. With a crown, we can improve the overall health, function, and beauty of a tooth. With our team of restorative dental experts in Brookfield, WI, we can transform your smile with a crown.

Creating and Placing a Porcelain Crown

When you have a tooth in need of a restoration, our team will start care by taking a close look at the smile. We will assess the cause and severity of the oral health issue you’re facing using advanced imaging technology, such as digital x-rays. We can then make a diagnosis with precision and accuracy, and start the process of restoring the tooth with a custom restoration. We begin by numbing the tooth and removing structure from it to make room for them. We will take detailed images to create a 3D impression, so we can then design them with precision. The finished restoration will be made from materials like porcelain, which we can shade to blend with your smile. The material not only looks natural, but can absorb daily bite forces with ease. We then attach your new crown with a powerful bonding agent, so it can provide years of quality restoration.

The Restorative Potential

Our team could use a dental crown to repair cracks, chips, or even major breakage. We can lengthen teeth worn down by teeth grinding. Placement could help improve bite balance and chewing function, and also address teeth too decayed for a filling. If you have an infected tooth, we could place one as part of a root canal. When a tooth is lost, we could use one or two to support a dental bridge, or one to restore a single tooth dental implant, helping you enjoy better smile beauty, function, and improved oral health.

Improving Smile Beauty

The placement can help boost the appearance of the tooth and help improve your overall oral health. To help them stay bright and last for years to come, you need to care for your newly restored tooth the same way you would a natural tooth. For example, be sure to brush and floss daily, cut back on the sugar and starch in your diet, avoid tobacco products, and see our team for checkups and cleanings every six months. If you have any questions about placing and maintaining lifelike porcelain dental crowns, then contact our team today.

Schedule A Visit for Your Custom Dental Restoration

Our team wants to help treat issues that could threaten your oral health. To find out more or to schedule your next appointment, speak with a member of our team at our Brookfield, WI, office at (414) 771-1228.